Wives of King sobhuza ii of Eswatini formerly swaziland

King Sobhuza II was King or Ingwenyama of the Kingdom of Swaziland now called Eswatini from 1899 to 1982. He is believed to have married around 70 wives who bore him around 210 children among them HM King Mswati III. Among the 70plus wives, today only five remain. They include :

1. HM Queen mother Ntfombi
2. HRH Gogo Maziya
3. HRH Gogo Matsebula
4. HRH Gogo Makhanya
5. HRH Gogo Mbingo

Here are a few pictures of his wives or rather emakhosikati as they are commonly referred to in swazi language. They are currently known as balondolozi since the current King has wives. They are usually present alongside the queen mother Indlovukazi at traditional events.

Photo : Ludo Kuipers, 1973

Photos : pinterest and other common sources

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