Sultan of Darfur, Fur people of Sudan

The Sultanate of Darfur today located in Sudan. It existed from 1603 until 1916 when the British dismantled it and incorporated it into its colony. One its famous sultans was sultan Ali Dinar who died fighting for his Sultanate against the British.

Sultan Ali Dinar

Sultan Ali Dinar of Darfur sultanate, Sudan (1856-1916).
He was the last reigning of the Sultanate before its incorporation into the British colony of Sudan. He died in battle fighting the British.

Current Sultan of Darfur

Sultan Ahmed Hussein Ayoub Ali Dinar of Darfur.
He is the great grandson of the famous late Sultan Ali Dinar and is current monarch of Darfur in present day Sudan. He was selected to the throne in 2015. He is sometimes referred to as the sultan of the fur tribe.
Darfur sultanate existed from 1603 until 1916 when it was dismantled by the British into the Sudan colony.

Palace of Sultan Ali Dinar

Sultan Ali Dinar palace museum.
It harbours the late Sultan Ali Dinar relics and showcases his life.

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