Meet the King of Bafaw people of Cameroon who succeeded his late father despite being last born son, an excellent economist

Meet Nfon (King or ruler) Mukete IV Ekoko Leonard of Bafaw people of Cameroon. He is also ruler of kumba region, the centre of Bafaw people

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He is the last born son of late Nfon Victor Mukete who died in 2021 aged 103. Nfon Victor Mukete was the oldest senator in Cameroon and was formerly the minister of information before the reunification of Cameroon.

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His late father shocked the Bafaw institution when he appointed his last son instead of the normal tradition of eldest son as his heir. He crowned him in March 2021 before he died.

Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko Leonard is 54 yrs old and a graduate of economics from Britain. He is deputy chair of Cameroon chamber of commerce, industry, mines and craft and honorary counsel of Turkey to Cameroon.

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